One-hour sessions of 3 to 4 times a week combining exercises on the main muscle groups are generally recommended (squat, thigh press, deadlift, parallel bars, rowing, push-ups, developed-lying, etc.). . - Recovery: then, the body stressed by the efforts related to the training will be the subject of a sufficient phase of rest with a sleep sufficiently repairing, to allow an optimal recovery combined with a healthy lifestyle. In this phase, the best supplements for recovery will be: glutamine , bcaa and protein . - Diet for mass gain: the third factor that will finally allow the practitioner to take in bulk, limiting the increase in fat and targeting his efforts on a muscle gain, is the diet. Diet is said to be as important as training in muscle mass gain. Why ? Because the body has daily energy needs that he fills with meals that are provided throughout the day. If he gets just enough to cover his daily needs, he does not have enough energy left to feed the muscles and build more muscle fibers than before. This is why it is necessary, in order to gain muscle mass, to bring more energy than what the body consumes and therefore, to have an excess caloric intake to the daily needs. But be careful to understand how this surplus should be heard.